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The Consciousness of Water

The following are short excerpts based upon research into the nature of water.

Waters Compassionate Connection With Us by Felicia Weiss, Ph. D.
Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water Volumes 1 and 2, has been able to further our understanding about waters caring and compassionate connection with us. By freezing water and taking pictures of the frozen water crystals that form, Dr. Emoto has been able to confirm his theory that while pure water becomes pure crystal, contaminated water may not crystallize at all or not as beautifully.

Waters Remarkable Expressions by Ralph Suddath
Dr. Emoto feels that the most effective medicine for a severe disease would be an awareness that we are living in cooperation with micro organisms at each moment of our lives. He encourages us to keep them in mind at all times and to convey our honest appreciation for the contribution.

The Power of Water by Jeane Manning
Our thinking apparatus runs on water. Our physical bodies are two-thirds water, so obviously its qualities can heal or harm us. We now learn that water seems to remember and later convey "information". No wonder the most dynamic frontier in science today is water research.


Water: Essential for Existence by Dan Stewart and Denise Routledge
Every part of the human body is dependent on water. If our glands and organs are not nourished with good, clean water, their functions begin to deteriorate. It is vital that we should become concerned not only for the health, vitality and quality of the water we drink, but also for its original source and the treatment it receives. If water quality and vitality is so important to us, why do we continually add chemicals and toxins to it?

In addition, religious and spiritual traditions throughout the ages as well as more current teachings, have revered and used water to help bring us more awareness of our real condition.

Water holds and grants the Power of Life. Water also acts as a purifying agent.

The Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj:
The principle of spiritual life has to do with this water transformation, in which you free up your solid, mortal consideration, and through which you become transformable, watery, alive, and your spirit-life begins.

The life-force is water. Emotion is water. I is H20. I = H20. I, meaning the sense of independent consciousness, or body-mind, equals water. Wherever water can be discovered to be, if you do 'samyama' on it, if you enter into its molecular and atomic domain, then there is only one H Happiness.

This is the Radiant Water of Consciousness Itself.

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