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Electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellular (mobile) and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the earpiece. Electromagnetic energy is necessary for audio transmission . When attached the WaveShield device blocks out the electromagnetic near field radiation from entering the inner ear only. WaveShield has been tested by the USA Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved laboratory, Global Certificate Lab, to block up to 99% of electromagnetic near-field radiation from the inner ear.


People buying mobile phones in the United Kingdom - and elsewhere around the world - are being warned of the possible dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

This follows the UK Government Health Department's concern over the growing amount of evidence indicating that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones is a health hazard.

Physicist Dr Gerard Hyland from England's University of Warwick says that mobile phone users were vulnerable to headaches, memory loss and sleeping disorders.

Some health experts believe that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can cause brain cancer from the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones that enters through the inner ear canal.

In the United States the WaveShield device guarantees to block out up 99% of electromagnetic near field radiation from entering the vital inner ear.

The WaveShield has been fully tested by the internationally recognized testing laboratory Global Certification Lab, USA. This soft cushion radiation protection shield - the size of a dollar coin - can be attached to the earpiece of any cellular phone in seconds.

The WaveShield soft material (which does not distort sound) is a combination of several metals including pure gold which are combined together in specific percentages into a valuable mesh which blocks almost all electro-magnetic radiation without distorting sound.

  : : WaveShield Silver


WaveShield Silver
The Waveshield Silver Classic features a soft comfort cushion design, about the size of a coin.

WaveShield Gold

"Upscale" design presents itself as elegantly as a designer watch or executive pen & pencil set.


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