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Unexcelled in quality and fragrance, ADI DA RASA is recognised as one of the worlds finest clean-burning incenses.

All four varieties are handmade in India from natural ingredients natures finest essential oils and exotic flowers, along with a variety of wood and tree powders, rare resins, and aromatic herbs and spices and naturally aged to develop their unique aromas.

ADI DA RASA INCENSE is formulated to induce relaxation and invoke feeling. This is why it is the only incense used by devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj in their meditation halls.

"Rasa" means "essence of enjoyment" in Sanskrit, and we've created this unique line of incense to evoke the greatest of all enjoyments--contemplation of the Divine. One of the finest incenses available, Adi Da Rasa is handmade in India to our specifications.
Using only natural ingredients, and aged four to six months to develop the various "tones" of their aromas to perfection, the four unique varieties of Adi Da Rasa Incense are used by devotees of Avatar Adi Da in their meditation halls and homes. Each box of Adi Da Rasa also includes a bookmark and a booklet containing excerpts from Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching.

Modern science tells us that everything is light, that all of reality every person, every object, every iota of space and time is nothing but waves in an ocean of light. But what science does not tell us is that this light is not merely an impersonal force or a mass of energy. It is Conscious; It is Alive in fact, It is a Great Person of Light, a Radiant Being of Infinite Brightness. In fact or better put, in Truth Light is the Divine Person, the Great One, Living as everything, Appearing as everything, and yet, paradoxically, Always and Only Conscious Light.

This happy assertion is made by the devotees of Adi Da Samraj. For more information: www.adidam.org

Available for $ 6.20 (25 gram box or approx.25 sticks).

Sampler Box with all four types of incense for $ 6.20

 To place your order please contact 0429 184 716
or email Sue

You can purchase these items online at Lakshmi's Circle

Avabhasa (The "Bright") Rose Incense



A penetrating yellow rose floral that is deliciously sweet--appropriate for all occasions. 25 sticks.


Sandalwood Rasa Incense

A deep and sophisticated sandalwood blend, suitable for all occasions. 25 sticks.


Holy Cat Incense

Created by devotees of Adi Da, this unique, light, and spicy incense is wonderfully relaxing. 25 sticks.



Da Sangha Incense

Inspired by an ancient Vedic formula, this rich masala bouquet is a wonderful accompaniment to contemplative occasions of all kinds. 25 sticks.



Adi Da Rasa Incense Sampler

A perfect way to find your favorite Adi Da Rasa Incense scent. Sampler box contains five sticks of each of our four exquisite varieties, separately bagged, so the scents remain pure. Ideal for holiday gifts.





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