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Sue Caldwell practised Shiatsu and counselling for many years, keen to help bring about changes in people’s lives.

However, as global environmental issues began to increase and have such far-reaching effects, Sue was struck by how important it was for the individual to be more aware of their environment and to feel they could still make an impact amidst such overwhelming forces.

Feng Shui not only helps people’s health and life circumstances, it increases awareness of the interrelatedness of people and objects, thereby sensitizing us to the life-force inherent in both the animate and inanimate worlds and to our responsibilities here on earth

The placement and our choice of objects in our home and work spaces contributes to our well-being. Therefore, if we choose natural materials which connect us to living systems, and we avoid chemically treated materials and the use of toxic substances, not only will energy flow better, but it is in the best interests for our family's health.

Whether practical or aesthetic requirements are foremost in our minds, creating our home can be fun and rewarding. The textures, shapes, colours, patterns, favourite items, and our necessities all come together to tell a story of the inhabitants.

After the day's business is over, it is desirable to return to an intimate and supportive abode, a sacred domain where one can be rejuvenated from the world of daily survival. If we enjoy the sounds and smells pervading our space, and find the furnishings pleasing to our eye, we can relax or readily focus on a task.

With this in mind, I encourage you to think about the articles in your home.

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Sue Caldwell practised Shiatsu and studied the theories of oriental medicine before becoming a Feng Shui Consultant. She has also worked as a therapist for many years and enjoys hearing about growth and changes in a client’s life.

Sue loves to feel the interrelatedness of people and objects, the potential inherent around us, when we are open enough to receive and the participation of a client’s involvement in the process of change.


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